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  • Gain important insights into multiple SaaS applications across your business. Vendeq organises everything in one space, solving information security, data protection and privacy issues associated with the unmonitored use of SaaS within organisations.
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Our story

We believe in a business-led approach

We’re shifting perspectives around SaaS, helping you create structures to balance value and risk.

Vendeq was born out of our experience working in an enterprise SaaS company. We witnessed first-hand how SaaS allows businesses to select the software they need to thrive. But giving access to anyone within the organisation to choose their own software comes with a downside.

The reality is that users often lack the necessary knowledge in technology, security and privacy to understand potential risks to the business. In most cases, decisions are made without the necessary approval. Siloed central functions, such as IT and Legal, are often left playing catch-up and the business ends up making decisions without them.

To make matters worse, each central function often works in isolation using outdated tools such as an Excel based InfoSec survey, a contractual details form in a monolithic ERP, or a Privacy Impact Assessment in a point solution that’s inaccessible to the other teams. Rather than fight against the adoption of SaaS or label the behaviour as ‘Shadow IT’ and clamp down on it, we believe in putting the structures in place to embrace ‘Business-led IT’.

This is where Vendeq comes in

We built the first platform to unite the CIO, infosec and privacy teams.

Vendeq is a web-based collaborative space for managing the overall lifecycle of enterprise applications and vendors. Vendeq lets you shape the policies and procedures, and empower the business to make technology decisions, whilst sharing responsibility for security and privacy.

Designed to be open and intuitive, our platform gives everyone access to manage the tools they need to thrive in a way that works for your organisation. Business-led, IT shaped.